Back to school Jumpstart Kit

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Talk early. Talk often with your kids.

Doing so helps ease anxiety, make clear your expectations and keeps everyone safe during COVID

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    I am here for you. I am a behavioral pediatrician with a passion for helping families talk with each other in a positive way.

    Dr. Nerissa Bauer

    Let's Talk Kids Health

    What you get:

    Visual checklist to post somewhere your child can see it every day


    Mask Up and Mask Off Cue Cards

    What is it all about?

    Getting our kids back to school is nerve-wracking in this day and age of Coronavirus/COVID19. We must equip our kids to the "new normal" of school. Masks, hand washing and social distancing rules.

    Teachers will be there to help. But coaching and talking with your child about what to expect will help ease anxiety and empower kids to know what to do at school.