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A new kind of class series for kids with ADHD & their parent to take TOGETHER!

Ever wondered HOW to work with your child with ADHD?

Tired of the daily struggles?

Ever read or gotten parenting advice but unsure how to actually get it to work?

I've designed an 8-class series for parents + kids to take TOGETHER.

When kids get the information they need about ADHD presented in kid-friendly ways, they come to understand their needs.

They learn new skills about how to work with ADHD and not against it.

They learn to work with YOU. You learn to work with THEM.

And it can be FUN.

This class is designed for maximum fun and engagement

even though it is over ZOOM.

If you want to be notified when the next class series starts, sign up to get alerts. Class sizes will be limited to 8 kids + parents.

Kids should be 8-12 years of age and have a known diagnosis of ADHD.

One parent needs to be present at each class to learn alongside your child.

Read what families are saying!

She really liked learning the different strategies for dealing with negative thoughts and I liked how you had the kdis actually do them instead of just describing them!

I am loving the course and language used like HEADQUARTERS and CODE NAMES. I think it is very motivating for them!

The food printout has been great this week and to our surprise it has really helped motivate him to try and accomplish it every day. Plus it has given him more input to choosing which vegetables he eats rather than us choosing for him randomly.

She had never talked about ADHD with other kids before so I think her hearing the other jr detectives talk about similar issues was comforting to her.

He did say he liked interacting with the other people and learning that there were more people that had ADHD than "mostly just his family."

Classes will be capped at 10 adult-child pairs.

Here is an informational webinar about upcoming open classes in January and February 2021

My first gradates of the program who helped me

during the development phase! I am so grateful!

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